We packed meals. Now what?

We packed meals. Now what?

Thank you to everyone for your help on Saturday, November 13. We packed 285,210 meals, enough to fill an entire semi truck. So thank you 285, 210 times!

It truly was a wonderful day to have the Great Hall with 800+ volunteers serving shoulder-to-shoulder. The room was packed with energy and we packed with purpose.

So what do we do now?

First, even though the “big event” is over, there is a lot of work still to be done and money still to be raised. Continue to be in prayer as Colonial has a team who will be traveling to deliver the meals and there are many details to be worked out there. There is still a gap in the amount of money need to cover the cost of shipping the food and although the traveling team is working hard to close this gap, they could use your help.  (Click here to go to our online donation page.)

Second, please share the story. Share this website on your social networks and continue to talk to those you met about the needs. Let the experience in the Great Hall urge you forward in action.

Finally, Impact Lives is holding a special fundraising event on Saturday, December 15, at their headquarters in St. Louis Park.

What Impact Lives does best is training and education in areas such as the difference between transformational and transactional behavior, how strengths and talents can be applied to make a difference, and cross-cultural awareness in meeting human needs.

The experience in the Great Hall can be a great motivator for you to step up and learn more. Throughout December 15, Impact Lives invites individuals to tour their Pathways of HOPE, an experiential tour that portrays the effects of poverty on six different countries – United States, Haiti, India, Uganda, Rwanda, and Moldova. If you haven’t experienced Pathways of HOPE it is not to be missed.

On top of the Pathways of HOPE tour there is an opportunity to pack some more food on this December 15 date. Register at www.impactlives.org/signup.

So thanks again. 285,210 meals is a beautiful story of the difference that individuals can make when they come together. Now take that next step.

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