The People of Colonial: Engaged in Mission

The People of Colonial: Engaged in Mission

One thing that is very striking about the community of Colonial Church is how actively engaged they are across the Twin Cities and the world. Although it isn’t being done for recognition, I get the privilege of hearing the stories of the great ways that the people of Colonial serve, create, and lead in ways that clothe the naked, feed the hungry, show mercy and work for justice. These are folks who are engaged in the mission of the church.

We want to highlight these people. They won’t be highlighted because they are looking for attention or promotion. We want to highlight them because their stories of devotion and service are good stories. Their stories are worthwhile, inspiring and tangible examples of God at work in the world through his people.

We’ll run a slide before and after the Sunday services that highlights one person who is engaged in mission at Colonial. We’ll share three things:

  1. Who they are,
  2. one sentence that encapsulates the project they are involved in, and
  3. a way for you to learn more.

On top of that, we’ll share a more comprehensive look right here, where we have more space to learn about them, their motivations, and the ministry that they pour into.

Being the humble servants that they are, most are reticent to “toot their own horn.” Because of this, we’ve created a form here on the website where you can nominate someone that you feel needs to have their story shared. The added benefit is that this gives you an opportunity to share your appreciation. So click HERE to nominate someone who is engaged in mission.

If you’ve been around Colonial long enough, this might harken you back to the old “Colonial Crier” days where it was common to profile an individual who was engaged in the mission of the church. So stay tuned! We’ve already collected several (click through to give them a read!) of these stories up front so that we can adequately prepare to highlight an individual a week, then we’ll need your help in nominating the people that need their stories told.

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