The Noisy Sounds of Mission

The Noisy Sounds of Mission

Last Friday at Colonial Church was a raucous place. Loud sounds were blasting out of the Meetinghouse that were met by a a tornado of noise rushing out of the Great Hall. Every door was closed to minimize the noise, but it was no use. It was a noisy mess of an evening.

It was an incredible evening.

Lake Wobegon Brass Band Benefit Concert for Families Moving Forward

In the Meetinghouse was the Lake Wobegon Brass Band concert to benefit Families Moving Forward. This is an annual event with a long history. The Lake Wobegon Brass Band accepts a free will offering with all proceeds going to support the operations of Families Moving Forward, who work to combat homelessness.

It’s a great show. If you aren’t familiar with the Lake Wobegon Brass Band, they are known for the sense of energy and fun they bring to their show. It’s also FULL of laughter and they do an excellent job at playing to the crowd.

It’s a full concert worth of Christmas favorites, so it’s a joy to be there. Plus, being a brass band, it’s full of big, swelling moments. I love it when the BIG TROMBONES kick in.

It’s an incredible concert.

Young Life Capernaum

In the Great Hall was Young Life Capernaum. If you aren’t familiar with Capernaum, they offer dedicated programs and gatherings for students and young adults with disabilities.

In many ways it’s classic youth ministry. The Great Hall is full of LOUD, energetic music that introduced leaders dressed in a ridiculous get up for a skit. More music kicks off a game that involved students, ping pong balls, tissue boxes and a lot of jumping and shaking. You really had to be there, but it was a hoot.

But even though it’s classic youth ministry program, there is a sweetness and easy laughter to the whole event. The students are 110% into the activities and the leaders are completely invested in the students. After the game, these students with disabilities sat closely together on the floor and listened to a message about how God loves them.

The best way to describe Capernaum is…well, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. If the first time you witness a Capernaum gathering your heart doesn’t grow two sizes, then your heart might not be plugged in correctly.

It’s an incredible gathering.

Mission at Colonial

So this was the story of Friday evening at Colonial Church. In one big room we had a brass band entertaining a crowd, all for the sake of a ministry that works to end homelessness. In another large room we had a group of leaders playing games and laughing with a group of special needs students, just before they sat them down to tell them how much God loves them.

It was a noisy mess of an evening.

It was an incredible evening.

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