More Than Simply Recycling

More Than Simply Recycling

As people made by God from the dust of the ground (Gen 2), we are related to the well-being of the earth. When Scripture speaks of new heaven and and a new earth (Rev 19), that vision extends from the resurrection of human bodies themselves, connecting us to the new world then in ways that extend back into our present. Moreover, as stewards given dominion over creation (Gen 2), rather than domination, it is our God-given duty to care for God’s world as we care for our own bodies. Humans and the earth are made of the same material.

Thus, whatever we can do to assure the continued care and flourishing of the earth we should seek to do as Christians, anticipating that day when both we and the creation we inhabit will be redeemed into a glorious newness (Romans 8).
These are the words that Daniel shared when I asked him to write a brief summary of his theology on creation care.
You may have noticed a few simple changes around Colonial:
  1. We’ve tripled the number of recycling bins around the church. We’ve long recycled, but we want to take that even further and make it more visible. Our recycling is also single-sort, meaning there is no confusion as to which bin you place your recyclables. You place all your paper, cans, plastics, cardboard, etc. into the same bins that are now located in more places around the church.
  2. We’ve replaced our central water fountain with a new and modern fountain that is designed to make refilling water bottles easier. As a means of feedback, this new water fountain has a display that shows just how many disposable water bottles have been eliminated, simply by refilling them.
  3. If you attend Monday Morning Bible Study you’ve noticed that we’ve replaced the styrofoam coffee cups with ceramic coffee mugs. The custodians have graciously agreed to run the ceramic cups through the dishwasher as a show of their committment to help us eliminate styrofoam from the building. We hope to expand this to more gatherings in the coming weeks, as not only are we doing good in eliminating the styrofoam, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly that people like the ceramic mugs much more anyway!
  4. We’re also being intentional in the types of supply partnerships we use and are now using City Kid Java as it not only tastes great, but all profits go toward Urban Ventures and their mission efforts.

This is not mere greenwashing, an occasional practice in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims and/or policies are environmentally friendly. This is coming from a sincere desire to be careful stewards, feeling it is our duty to care well for God’s creation.

There is more in the pipeline, but I wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress and also share our intention.

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