We have a Trunk to Fill!

We have a Trunk to Fill!

You may have noticed a beat-up trunk in the Common. The trunk looks like it has traveled the world and this is on purpose. This is our “mission trunk” and it will be parked in the Common permanently and with the lid open.

We’ll collect items for our various mission partners in our mission trunk to provide a familiar, recognizable collection place. We rotate the display around the trunk to highlight the items we are collecting that particular month.

Click Here for the Schedule!

  • We want to provide a tangible, physical opportunity to provide a service for others. If you get a generosity itch, this can be a place to scratch it.
  • In doing this, we’ll also be communicating the needs of our ministry partners, both highlight the practical needs they have, while also given a flavor of the ministry.
  • Finally, a planned out schedule will give a clear picture of the types of items we’ll be collecting.

So let’s fill up this trunk! The hope is that¬†there will be an outpouring of generosity, so that we might meet the practical needs of our mission partners, simply sharing the blessings that God has given us.

Click here to sign up for a task force to help with this on a deeper level.

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