Innové Deux

Innové Deux

Colonial Church sponsored the enormously successful Innové initiative in 2012. We provided $250K in funding with invaluable coaching to a stunning collection of young Christian entrepreneurs with a passion to serve the cause of Christ in the world. $120K remains from the Land Sale proceeds dedicated to outreach.

The Church Council has enthusiastically endorsed planning for Innové Deux, a second round to operate much like round one, with multiple task forces committed to prayer, publicity, screening, navigating, coaching, Immersion Day planning, judging and incubating.

We anticipate not only a larger pool of applicants, but even greater participation by the congregation in round two. Innové Deux would commence with publicity in the fall of 2014, followed by an application deadline of early January 2015 and awards given in April 2015.

As with round one, Innové Deux will be open to any resident of the Twin Cities, 35 years old or younger, who affirms the Apostles’ Creed. Only round one Protégés (the 5 funded projects) would be ineligible for round two.

In order to grant $250,000, the congregation must vote to release the remaining $120,000 mentioned above. We would invite this vote based on our ability to match the $120K with pledges beyond those annually given to the church operating budget. The Church Mission Budget would designate the remaining $10,000 for a total $250,000.

It is important that Innové be an initiative of the church, funded by our faithful passion and personal commitments. We have eschewed external funding for this reason. Hopefully, other foundations and organizations that have offered financial support to Innové will match grants we give to future Protégés to expand their impact.

To raise the matching money, we are holding a series of gatherings this winter/early spring. In addition to raising pledges for Innové Deux, these gatherings will provide wonderful opportunities for Colonial members to share memories of round one as well as hopes for round two.

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