Innové 2: The Halfway Point

Innové 2: The Halfway Point

Our second round of Innové is hitting full stride!

To get you up to speed, 54 Applicants submitted proposals to Innové for funding and support.  Our brilliant Publicity Task Force did a great job. Further brilliance was demonstrated by our Screening Task Force as they read over every application several times and selected 29 to move to the next step. The Navigators Task Force evaluated these 29 and has selected 16 as Semi-Finalists.

Innové is now a competition! Those 16 Semi-Finalists will vie for funds to be determined by the Judges.  At the same time, all Semi-Finalists receive mentoring, skills coaching, an opportunity to expand their networks and a worthwhile experience from Colonial Church. Every Semi-Finalist will be posted on the Innové website (during the first week of March) for you to meet and see and subsequently pray for.

Navigators are responsible for helping Semi-Finalists determine project needs and access the necessary coaching.

Skills Coaches will provide the expertise necessary to hone Semi-Finalist projects into business plan shape for presentation to the Judges, and we still need more. These  young adults need your wisdom and experience, and keep in mind that with our last round of Innové, we had a need for someone with expertise in areas as unforeseen as sewing, so please do not assume that your strengths might not be needed. So far we have 71 Colonial members signed up as Skills Coaches, please click here to add your skills to that list.

On Saturday, February 28, all Semi-Finalists and  Navigators are required to attend the day-long Innové Immersion Day where the Skills Coaches will also be present. Under the direction of its own Task Force, Immersion Day is coming together beautifully and looks to be a very exciting day.  There will be inspirational speakers, entrepreneurial experts from throughout the Twin Cities, plenty of time to connect and network with coaching and other resources.

Final judging commences on March 25 and Protégés (Finalists) will be announced on April 22.  Each Protégé will receive funding and will present their winning idea to the entire congregation on Sunday, May 3 at 10:45 AM. Mark your calendar!

Also mark your calendar for a May 9 Innové Celebration at Pinstripes in Edina.  All Protégés and Innové volunteers are invited.

All Protégés, their Navigators, some Judges and Skills Coaches will lastly participate in an Incubation Day on May 16 for the purpose of further refinement of projects in order to better ensure a successful project launch.

Please pray that Innové will again make an important contribution to our life together as a church and, most importantly, to God’s work in the world.

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