Enter the Matrix

Enter the Matrix

We want to have a strong process of decision-making in place when it comes to the selection of ministry partners, the decisions of continued support, or even the decision to discontinue support.

These are some of the most important decisions we make as a community and we feel like it is vitally important to have a strong framework to work from. We also desire to get a strong representation making these decisions, which means it’s important that everyone has a common language to draw from.

Enter the “Ministry Partner Matrix”, the outline of which will be stated below:

  1. Vocational How does this fit our calling as Colonial Church?
  2. Actual Does this really help someone?
  3. Educational What will this teach us about missions and the world?
  4. Promotional Can we introduce others to the gospel through this?
  5. Motivational Does this stoke passion, joy, and enthusiasm for service?
  6. Relational Does this take into account the people in our congregation and the connection we make?
  7. Longitudinal Can we do this for a season with a beginning and an end?


This matrix of 7 questions allows us to evaluate partners, both current and future. A yes answer to all 7 of these questions means a partnership may be appropriate and a recommendation of support made. Our lay member task first will first evaluate, a recommendation will go to our full pastoral staff, who will again evaluate with the help of this matrix. Finally, the recommendation will be passed along to the Council, who would evaluate by the same criteria before partnership is is instigated, continued, or discontinued for ministry partners.

This is more than finding 7 words hat end in -al. This gives us a great evaluation framework that asks important questions across a broad spectrum, and helps us to make wise and discerning decisions regarding mission partners.

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