Engaged in Mission: Padraig’s Place

Engaged in Mission: Padraig’s Place

Doug Whitney is engaged in a mission that combines his love of skiing and his heart to serve the special needs community.

It all started when Doug discovered Padraig’s Place, an organization named after a very special young man with very special needs.

Padraig’s Place is an adaptive winter sports training and participation program for children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities,  and it’s located at Buck Hill Ski Area. Padraig’s Place gives each kid a special ski chair, fitted especially for them and their needs, but they also give each kid a community, love and support, which includes an online directory that links to additional local community support resources and recreational activities for these families. You can learn more about this incredible program at SpecialKidCare.org.

Doug initiated his involvement in Padraig’s Place by discovering it through his ski racing league, seeing the kids on the slopes. He felt called by the Holy Spirit to become a cheerleader for these kids and trained to be an instructor for them. From there he began recruiting others to help and has gone as far as becoming an advocate for the autism community during the 2012 legislative session. He continues to passionately tell the story of these special kids.

Want to help?  If you are a skiier you will find great joy in combing your hobby with serving the special needs community.  Contact Doug at dw@dwhitneylaw.com.

Doug’s story is another example of those who are engaged in mission outside the walls of Colonial. (Click here to learn more about our “Engaged in Mission” initiative or to nominate someone to have their story told.)

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