Engaged in Mission: Joyce and Pearson Schwartz

Engaged in Mission: Joyce and Pearson Schwartz

Joyce and Pearson Schwartz are engaged in a mission that takes them around the world to visit a school that provides education to children in Kenya.

Daylight is a school in rural Kenya co-founded by a Kenyan, Michael Kimpur. Michael Kimpur as a boy herded cattle in the bush, and ended up a World Vision sponsored child, an amazing story of God’s grace that brought Michael to finishing his college degree at Bethel University.

Michael went home and wanted to help his tribe by starting Daylight School along with his college roommate. Daylight School serves kids who are orphans or have only one parent and can’t afford school fees. They also invite children from neighboring tribes into the school to improve tribal relations.

Joyce Schwartz is currently chairman of the U.S. board and will be going to visit Daylight in January with her son, Pearson. Daylight has purchased 8 acres of land and will be building the first permanent structure in November. The school currently has 200 children.

Says Joyce, “I was at Daylight three years ago and traveled to the bush to see where some of these kids come from. They face many hardships, but the school has come a long way especially over the past two years and I am thrilled to be taking my son with me who first met Michael when he was two. Michael is definitely a part of our family. Pearson is 13 now.

When Joyce says that Michael is a part of their family now, she isn’t exaggerating. Wanting to see the church that had assisted him as a boy, Michael Kimpur visited Colonial Church while he was at Bethel University, even going as far as being a featured speaker in the Children’s Program. It was at Colonial that the Schwartz’s began their friendship with Michael, a family friendship that truly meant that Pearson has had a relationship with Michael almost his entire life.

The work of God in bringing people together from different continents to form a friendship, and ultimately launch a school to assist orphaned children is truly inspiring. This is a story of a Colonial family being engaged in mission with a friend.

Want to help?  Contact Joyce at jtsmungos@gmail.com.

Joyce and Pearson’s story is another example of those who are engaged in mission outside the walls of Colonial. Their story has inspired others, who nominated them for the piece. (Click here to learn more about our “Engaged in Mission” initiative or to nominate someone to have their story told.)

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