Engaged in Mission: Impact Lives

Engaged in Mission: Impact Lives

It seems that each passing generation engages in much discourse about “kids these days” and their perceived lack of a work ethic, misguided values, and questionable pastimes.  While these judgments are often misguided and unfounded it is still astonishing to meet a young person that demonstrates unwavering dedication to a chosen cause.

Sophie Duhn is a young woman that defies the stereotypes through her passion for serving others. In 2012 Sophie traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) with Impact Lives and was deeply impacted by her experience and the people she met. After her 2012 trip Sophie knew that she wanted to return to the Dominican Republic with the  Impact Lives/Colonial team. Knowing she would need to raise money to make the 2013 trip Sophie secured a job at Jerry’s Hardware, worked year round as an Edina Rec lifeguard, and babysat regularly.

Sophie’s Dad, Kurt Duhn, reflects, “It’s hard to believe that this same young woman as an adolescent was so painfully shy that she couldn’t play in piano recitals or openly speak within even a small group people. I am struck by how joyfully Sophie serves others and by her resolve to return to the DR in 2013. I was more than surprised and quite proud when Sophie came home after the 2012 trip and announced she’d applied for several jobs, interviewed, and was beginning work at the hardware store to self-fund her goal to participate again with Impact Lives. I feel that Sophie is answering a call to serve and I’m excited to watch how these experiences take shape in her life.

In addition to this mission work in the DR Sophie demonstrates her heart for service in many other ways. She teaches Sunday school at Colonial, is a Pyro & Pyro 2 counselor, and arranged two teacher’s assistant (TA) positions for her senior year of high school. Through their partnership Impact Lives and Colonial packed more than 280,000 meals apiece in both 2012 and 2013 to deliver and distribute among Haitians living in the DR after being displaced by the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti. You can learn more about Impact Lives here

Want to help?  Contact Jerry at sopduhn@gmail.com.

Sophie’s story is another example of those who are engaged in mission outside the walls of Colonial. This story inspired Jen Thomas, a member of our Mission Journalism Task Force who prepared and wrote this piece. (Click here to learn more about our “Engaged in Mission” initiative or to nominate someone to have their story told.)

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