Engaged in Mission

Engaged in Mission

Engaged in Mission” is an avenue where we can highlight, affirm and celebrate those among us who are outside the walls of Colonial, actively involved of the front lines of ministry, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, nursing the sick, visiting those in chains. Simply out, it’s a way for us to say ‘thank you’ to those who inspire us by their service.

Being that individuals don’t nominate themselves simply to gain awareness of their work, Engaged in Mission isn’t for self-promotion. Instead it is for the people of Colonial to celebrate others at Colonial who they feel are faithfully engaged in mission, for us to create awareness for them by sharing the story of why their service has inspired us to get more engaged in mission and outreach.

We’ll highlight up to one nominee per week before and after our Sunday morning worship services, by displaying a simple slide that shares the name of the person nominated, one sentence of their mission, and a way to contact them to get more involved. Plus, we’ll create a longer feature piece to be published right here on the website, where you can get to know the nominee, the ministry they are involved with, and their passion behind it.

This will be an entirely volunteer effort. A team of volunteer writers will interview the nominees and write their story.  The intent is for members to both take the initiative in nominating as well as researching and reporting (through the Task Force). Staff is support only. Individuals must nominate others on their own initiative. For staff to do this for you would rob you of the opportunity to voice your appreciation and admiration for those who are engaged in mission and that you think should have their story shared. Simply click here and it will take you to a form where you can nominate someone right away!

Ultimately, we’ll be celebrating each other and highlighting the great work of mission among the community of Colonial! Again, step up and nominate someone whose selfless hard work in bringing justice, mercy, peace and relief has inspired you. Just click here.

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