City Kid Java

City Kid Java

There is a difference in the coffee at Colonial. We’ve partnered with City Kid Java to brew their coffee for use in the building.

City Kid Java is a business entity of Urban Ventures, a long time partner of Colonial Church. 100% of the profits from City Kid Java go to support the programming of Urban Ventures. This means that every cup brewed fuels the mentoring and educational programs run by Urban Ventures and make a difference in the Phillips Neighborhood.

That’s not all. City Kid Java uses high quality 100% Arabican beans and is 100% fair trade, ensuring that families in coffee growing communities benefit as well as kids in our community. Not only is it a great tasting coffee, but it allows Colonial to put our money where our values are. Every cup makes a difference along the entire supply chain, from fairly treating the families in countries far away where the beans grow, to right here in our own backyard where the coffee is sold and brewed.

As you can imagine, Colonial brews A LOT of coffee. From before and after worship services, to Bible studies, to Council meetings, to extra events and everything in between, we are a large purchaser and consumer of coffee. Why not put that purchasing power toward something that does good?

Part of our mission at Colonial is to build strong partnerships with organizations in the community that shine light in dark places. Urban Ventures is one such organization. By also seeing our mission as stewards of our resources, we can make decisions in simple areas like where we buy our coffee, making a real impact on ministry. Not only does it make good business sense, but it makes good mission sense.

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