Can a Single Mission Focus Work Across Multiple Generations?

Can a Single Mission Focus Work Across Multiple Generations?

Can a Single Mission Focus Work Across Multiple Generations? That is, can we enthuse children and young families and retirees for an area of mission, while also allowing each generation to a custom expression so that the mission connects well with them?

Research and data point toward micro-finance as a highly successful and effective way to provide a sustainable avenue out of poverty and into a flourishing self-sufficiency.

While micro-finance initiatives are implemented to great success around the world, it has never been a central mission initiative at Colonial Church. Being that micro-finance (and it’s mission cousin, Savings Groups) is a major element of the work there, our recent partnership with Burundi, Africa, provides and opportunity to expand Colonial Church’s mission involvement with micro-finance.

That’s opportunity #1. Now let’s circle back to multi-generational mission. We’ve also long wanted to engage the entire life of our church in a shared mission focus. That’s opportunity #2.

But can a nine year old understand a concept like micro-finance if it’s presented creatively at FaithTrek? Further, can a young family talk around the dinner table about how $40 USD can can the life of someone in a far away country? Can a retiree who has invested their experience into Innové also build enthusiasm for a sustainable form of mission that is half a world away?


We think so, so we’re taking a learning trip to the Dominican Republic to learn from Hope International and their micro-finance work in that country. It’s a three person, two-day trip designed with the above questions in mind, with an attached hope that we can bring back our learnings to further our work of mission at Colonial.

Wouldn’t it be great to talk about new areas of mission at Colonial and have 14-year-olds, 44-year-olds, and 84-years olds be able to talk about it with equal enthusiasm? We think so.

Please pray for us.

[Following is a one pager further detailing our timeline and objectives if you’d like to dig a little deeper into our trip: DR Micro-Finance Learning Trip]


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