An Update from John Mosonik

An Update from John Mosonik

John and Caroline Mosonik’s ministry to children and women in Kenya has long been supported by Colonial.¬†Many of you may recall Colonial rallying around John Mosonik last fall to buy him a new car by challenging 100 people to give just $25 each.

John is faithful in giving regular and detailed updates on his ministry, which has since grown to include a radio audience that reaches over 2 million. Below is the latest update from John, copied word for word. Click through to our Facebook page for pictures of John and Caroline in action, serving the children of Kenya.

Dear Beloved Friends in the Lord.

Christian love from Kitale in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

Please share with us Gods blessings on the the Second Quarter Update.
We were able to do some Ministry follow ups especially in SS.
Mama Caroline and I did went up to Cheranganyi hills about 55kms from Kitale and we did a Family Seminar.
All together we have done two family Seminars and were able to reach up to 102 Families.
The Radio Ministry in Pokot has given us an opportunity to reach out to more people. Every Sat at 2pm to 2.45 Iam on Air to teach on how Children Ministry can help in Church growth and how parents can help their kids to know Christ and be good Citizens.

In this quarter we were able to have 144 kids in two weeks.
Activities were Memory work, Poems, Bible reading, and Testimonies.

In our Radio Ministry we are able to reach over 2 million audience.
After my Children program; Mama Caroline comes in at 3pm to do Moms In Touch program for 30mins.

The Challenge here is driving out to Pokot every Sat to be live on Air.
Thank you for making it possible for us to do that because it could not be possible without a good Vehicle.

In some photos am busy doing Recording with kids.
Mama Caroline sends you her love.
John and Caroline.

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