An Update from Community Emergency Services

An Update from Community Emergency Services

Community Emergency Services (CES) is a long time partner of Colonial Church. Working in the Phillips Neighborhood,  their mission is to assist people in meeting basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a warm, accepting and Christ-like manner, while encouraging wholeness and self-sustenance. Through direct aid relief, advocacy, referral and guidance, CES seeks to strengthen families and individuals and move them beyond crisis to stability.

Recently, they have entered a new season of service in two significant ways:

  1. Branch 1, a nearby food shelf, has closed, and many of their client have already started coming to CES for help. Branch 1 served 40-60 clients a day. They anticipate that their client load might  double over the next couple of months! CES offers every client a one-to-one caring conversation and offer to pray, meaning there is a great need for more interviewers (Learn more here.).
  2. CES has targeted increasing services to the Somali population in the neighborhood by 30% in the next year. Our Somali neighbors have been identified as a population “missing meals”, according to the Hunger Free Minnesota Initiative. They have added a part-time Somali interpreter to our staff to help us not only with language, but also with relationship building.

These are some big changes for CES, and they will have a major impacts on staffing, volunteer and food resource needs. They are seeking new volunteers, especially interviewers. Contact Brian Jones for more information.

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