All 9th graders are invited to join us for Confirmation, a year long journey to explore living & developing a faith that is your own. You, your questions, your story, your wrestling… it is all welcome here. Together we will explore the tenants of faith, asking what faith means to you, and what it looks like to say YES in affirmation of your baptism.

Please find the confirmation schedule below:

Sunday, December 8, 1-3pm in the Pond Room

Sunday, January 12, 11am – 1pm
Sunday, February 2, 11am – 1pm
Sunday, March 1, 11am – 1pm
Sunday, March 29, 11am – 1pm (we may have to change this one due to Spring Break)
Sunday, April 26, 11am – 1pm

Lunch will be provided at all meetings and information for summer plans will be out soon.  To register, click here!

If you have any questions, give Tony Jones a call at 612-597-0441, or email me at

CONFIRMtransitive verb

1: to give approval to : RATIFY

2: to make firm or firmer : STRENGTHEN

3: to administer the rite of confirmation to

4: to give new assurance of the validity of