What We’re About

We will Welcome.

Welcome, Beloved
We want this community to be a second home. All individuals belong and have a place here regardless of school, neighborhood, or identity. LGBTQIA+ friends: we want to proclaim clearly and specifically that we not only welcome you, but we also affirm and celebrate you here. Everyone, come as you are and be ready to connect and grow.

We will Risk.

Risk the Messy Path of Faith
Following Jesus doesn't mean an easy life. As Jesus' followers, we're called to participate with God in restoring all things: within ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and creation itself. That means sacrifice and growth through discernment as we meet God along life's journey.

We will Wrestle.

Wrestle with the Tensions in God's Word & World
The way of Jesus carries a rich and complex array of practices, experiences, traditions, and theology. As our culture and context change, we're committed to wrestling and leaning into our own beliefs while engaging with others to develop a grounded worldview and theology during these critical years.

We will Immerse.

Immerse in Sacred Spaces & Rhythms
Life can be fast. We want this community to be a space where students can intentionally slow down to encounter the living God and experience connection with themselves, God, and God's people.

We will Do Good.

Do Good, for Christ's Sake
We want to empower students to use their skills, passions, and abilities to love their neighbors and neighborhoods in meaningful ways. We want to tangibly love others by doing our inner work, too, acknowledging the importance of cultural understanding, systemic injustice, and self-awareness.