Find your place in God's redemptive story of love + justice.

We believe that God still speaks today. And through holistic experiences grounded in our Five Core Values, we want to create the soil in which students may choose to follow Jesus for themselves and join with God's restorative work around them.
We're always dreaming of new ways to cultivate this kind of community, so keep in touch here for updates. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out by clicking on our pictures below!

Note: Throughout the year, we may take images/photographs and/or videos of students on campus or participating in church events. While no identifying information such as names will be shared, these images/photographs and/or videos may appear in various Colonial Church communications including, but not limited to, the website, e-newsletters and social media.

Parents/legal guardians who do not wish for their child’s photo or video to be potentially posted online or otherwise displayed, regardless of the context, should email Nicole Smalley and we will make every effort to exclude the indicated minor from any individual or small group photography. Please note that children may still be included in general group or crowd photos without identifying information; however, you may always request that any photo be removed/taken down.