Written Sermons

January 24, 2012

The Fish Story

Jonah 1 by Daniel Harrell Epiphany, which commemorates the first revelation of Jesus to Gentiles (the Gentiles in this case being the magi), is the perfect time of the year […]
January 12, 2012

All You Got: The Widow’s Mite

Mark 12:41-44 by Daniel Harrell Epiphany, which for church calendar devotees commemorates the Magi’s visit to Bethlehem not only stretches out Christmas (falling as it does on January 6), but […]
January 3, 2012

Finished Work

Philippians 1:3-12 by Daniel Harrell Happy New Year. We begin again. And Merry Christmas too! Clearly with the hymns we’ve sung this morning we are still officially in Christmas. Eight […]
December 14, 2011

River of Life

Revelation 22:1-17 by Daniel Harrell Advent, meaning coming or arrival first appeared in church liturgies not as a Christmas ramp-up, but as a Judgment Day wake-up. By setting its sights […]
December 7, 2011

Walking on Water

Mark 6:45-52 by Daniel Harrell Advent means arrival, but it might as well mean to wait. Advent waits for sunlight to reemerge out of darkness and for Christ to be […]
November 28, 2011

Are You Thirsty?

By Danielle Jones Sunday, November 27, 2011 This week, we have yet another take on water, this one from the gospel of John. This story is a familiar water story- […]
November 21, 2011

Body of Water

John 7:33-52 by Daniel Harrell The Defense Department employs a group of analysts who specialize in scrutinizing religious language and behavior in order to authenticate terrorist communications. These Arabic and […]
November 21, 2011

Bottled, Tap or Fermented?

John 2:1-11 by Daniel Harrell Whenever I think back on the scores of weddings I’ve been privileged to participate in, the first memories that usually come to mind are all […]
November 8, 2011

Purified Water

Mark 1:9-13 by Daniel Harrell Our survey of water in the Bible this fall has finally landed us on the most important water event of them all: the baptism of […]
November 1, 2011

Waterfront Property

Ezekiel 47:1-12 by Daniel Harrell It’s good to see everybody in church today. I was concerned folks might not be back after last Sunday’s water sermon from Jeremiah—we’ve been focusing […]