Written Sermons

August 3, 2015

You’re Joking!

Numbers 22:21-34 by Jeff Lindsay Two weeks ago I shared with you that we don’t always respond to Gods call or leading because we don’t truly recognize his voice. Last […]
July 27, 2015


I Samuel 3:1-18 by Jeff Lindsay As I shared last week I was in a car accident in February and broke my neck. The neurosurgery unit was full so I […]
July 20, 2015

Faith Comes from Hearing

John 10:11-39 by Jeff Lindsay In the rush of this modern world I am convinced that we are too easily distracted from the most important things. There are so many […]
July 13, 2015

A Non-Prophet Job

Amos 7:7-15 by Daniel Harrell Cleaning out the desk of my mind in preparation to go visit Dawn’s side of the family this week. Never sure what to preach for […]
July 6, 2015

Get Out of Jail Free

Acts 4:23-37 by Daniel Harrell For followers of Jesus, righteous obedience was aptly reduced for a seasons to the letters “WWJD” or “what would Jesus do.” Wearing these letters embossed […]
June 28, 2015

Which is Easier?

Matthew 9:1-8 by Daniel Harrell I’m back from two weeks in North Carolina where I reconnected with my Southern roots and helped my parents downsize and move, an endeavor that […]
June 1, 2015

Was Blind But Now I See

Matthew 9:27-34 by Daniel Harrell I’m moving around Matthew 9 these past Sundays, filling in here before I head South to visit family and stick a toe i the ocean, […]
May 24, 2015

International Harvesters

Matthew 9:35-10:1 by Daniel Harrell Last Sunday Jesus flew off to heaven, ascended we say, with a mighty exclamation point on his embodied, post-resurrection appearances. But Christ’s left an equally […]
May 8, 2015

Vintage Gospel

Matthew 9:10-17 by Daniel Harrell Human beings are naturally wired for newness. Cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists demonstrate our attention is involuntarily drawn to novelty and innovation—we can’t help but want […]
April 13, 2015

The End

Revelation 22 by Daniel Harrell The end of Revelation has been a long time coming, both in terms of this sermon series (we’ve been at it since last September) and […]