For over 70 years, Colonial Church has served God and His people within our congregation, in our community and around the world. Great things have happened here. And at this time in our life together, one question has emerged. What is God calling us to next?

The Council and ministerial staff believe God is calling us now to engage in a season of self-reflection, discernment and visioning. We are calling this process ReForming.  Its goals are two-fold -to help us grasp what God is currently doing in our midst, and to figure out together what God is calling us to next.  

Visioning Phase 

The Visioning Phase of Colonial Church's ReForming process will begin following a congregational meeting on Sunday, January 14 at which the findings of the Discovery Phase will be presented and discussed.  

The purpose of the Visioning Phase is to begin to answer the question: What is God calling us to next? A major focus of this phase will be a series of three, 1.5-day Visioning Retreats: March 3-4, April 14-15, and May 19-20. Approximately 25 Colonial members will comprise our Visioning Team and will participate in the retreats. We are seeking nominations for this team.

The retreats will be facilitated by Kevin Graham Ford, co-founder of TAG, our consulting partner. The goals of the retreats are to:

  • articulate and sharpen Colonial’s core ideology or purpose (its unique mission and its defining and enduring values and commitments)
  • agree on steps to better align Colonial’s core purpose with all aspects of its identity (e.g., culture, infrastructure, brand and reputation)
  • develop a vision for Colonial’s future, including possible action steps and initiatives for bringing Colonial’s unique capabilities to important Kingdom-building work, which will be recommended to the members of Colonial Church for their consideration and support.

Including a small group of current leaders—our ministers and key elected committee leaders—approximately 25 individuals from Colonial will work together through the three retreats to achieve these goals. We are seeking about 15 “at-large” members for the Visioning Team and are asking the entire congregation to nominate individuals who can represent all of us in playing this critical role.

Please reflect on the following criteria and identify one or more individuals in our congregation who you believe exemplify them and might be willing and able to serve in this role:

  • demonstrates a commitment to Colonial Church and its covenant to bind ourselves to walk together in all of God’s ways as He reveals Himself to us in His blessed word of truth
  • demonstrates a passion for and commitment to seeking and serving the Lord’s will, not just his or her own individual desires
  • a respected and trusted member who encourages and faithfully represents the voices of others in the congregation
  • is able to attend all three retreats
  • is willing to be involved in the implementation process that follows
  • is willing to prepare for this role through selected readings and meetings with other members
  • is able to imagine and communicate a positive vision of the future.


What We Are Reading 

Do you want to know more about the changes in the church and our culture that are impacting many congregations, including Colonial? Are you interested in learning more about some of the ideas that lay the groundwork for ReForming? Lay leaders and others in our community are reading several such books. We invite you to read them as well, and to join in the conversation. These books are:

“Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups,” by Ruth Haley Barton

“Transforming Church: Bringing Out the Good to Get to Great,” by Kevin G. Ford

“Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territories,” by Tod Bolsinger 

Transforming the Church Video

The video below is from our partners at TAG Consulting.  Kevin Ford shares about the TAG process and the TCI survey that is the first step in the ReForming process. 

Please check back to this page often for updates on where we are at in this ReForming process. 
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ReForming Documents

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Overview of ReForming- Questions and Answers

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