Giving Voice

Giving Voice is about people, joy, and how the two come together through song.

Giving Voice oversees choral communities for people with dementia, their care partners, and volunteers in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. This fall, they're starting a fourth chorus here at Colonial under the direction of Dr. David Henderson. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will initiate this chorus in a weekly Zoom-based format. Under normal circumstances, each chorus rehearses weekly and performs at least one concert each fall, spring, and summer session.

Chorus members include people with dementia, their care partners, and volunteers. We welcome any person living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia who can attend the structured weekly rehearsals and, most importantly, wants to make good music and good friends! There are no auditions, and no musical training or experience is necessary.

Singers are encouraged to join the group at the beginning of a session. Each singer pays a registration fee of $75 for each fall and spring session. There will be no registration fee for Colonial’s first Zoom-based season, although individual donations are always welcome.

Giving Voice choruses foster joy, well-being, purpose, and community understanding as they celebrate the potential of people living with dementia. A Giving Voice chorus brings renewed purpose, learning, friendships, and happiness to people in our community living with Alzheimer’s disease. It changes the attitudes of care partners, family members, friends, and community members, bringing people with dementia out of the shadows through shared music-making.

For additional information about Colonial’s Giving Voice chorus, please email or contact Barb Halvorson at Colonial Church (952-224-9524) or contact the team at Giving Voice Chorus (612-440-9660). For more about Giving Voice, visit their website here.

Registrations are now available.
Click below to access print and online registrations for this year's Giving Voice Chorus.