Pilgrim Center

November Monthly Mission Partner Highlight

Doing good for Christ's sake isn't just our history, it's also our north star for the coming season. Join us this Fall as we refocus on our missions partners, highlighting their ministry, inviting you to be financially generous toward them as you're able, and offering tangible ways for you to serve alongside them.

Our November mission partner is the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation! Founded in 1995 by Dr. Arthur and Molly Rouner, PCR brings hope and healing by renewing individuals, restoring relationships, and revitalizing communities through the ministry of reconciliation. This transformational ministry happens through experiential retreats, interactive courses, and activating gatherings. Our ministry is founded upon the principles of humility, hospitality, synergy, authority, and integrity.

Looking to connect with the Pilgrim Center?

1. PARTICIPATE: Join us Sunday, November 15th from 12:00-1:00pm for a Fireside Chat with founders Dr. Arthur and Molly Rouner and current president, Dr. Jim Olson and wife Annette to learn more about PCR, past, present, and future!

Join us also on Wednesday, December 2nd from 6:30-7:30pm for a Virtual Leaning into Reconciliation evening at Colonial with Dr. Jim Olson and Dr. Jonathan Stuart for an interactive discussion about the power of and pathway to reconciliation.

2. PRAY: The work of reconciliation is challenging. Prayer is the key to unblocking blockages in individuals, relationships, and communities. Ask to join our prayer team to receive monthly praise and prayer updates by emailing info@pilgrimcenter.org

3. PARTNER: As a faith-based ministry 100% of our funding comes through our wonderful Circle of Friends Giving Partners. Our movement is growing rapidly as God opens new doors here and in Africa, most notably right now in South Sudan, the newest country in the world. You can help bring hope and healing through your generous giving. Donate now by visiting here

Questions? Reach out to Paul Bertelson, Mission Director.