April Monthly Mission Highlight

Doing good for Christ's sake isn't just our history, it's also our north star for the coming season. Join us this Spring as we refocus on our missions partners, highlighting their ministry, inviting you to be financially generous toward them as you're able, and offering tangible ways for you to serve alongside them.
Our April mission partner highlight is VEAP. A longtime partner, VEAP is on a mission to meet people at the place of their most basic needs.

Their programs support access to healthy foods, stable housing, and other supportive services. Ultimately, they're designed to address a particular need and, when all paired together, add up to a comprehensive service to provide hope in the most practical dimensions of people's lives.

As you might expect, 2020 was a significant moment for VEAP, and they've stepped up to meet the challenges. Throughout last year, VEAP distributed 4.7 million pounds of food, offered $3.5 million in housing assistance, and logged 57,737 volunteer hours, all of which represent meaningful increases from the previous year.

In that same year, our congregation has donated $83,000 to support VEAP's ministry - this is the equivalent of providing a year's worth of meals for 227 people! We are grateful for our long-time partner and eager to highlight their critical work during April.

Want to support VEAP?

This month, we invite you to consider four ways to be generous toward the ministry of VEAP:

1. Give financially. You can do so financially by visiting our Give page and selecting "VEAP" in the drop-down menu.

2. Join us for our TP & D Drive. From April 14th through May 2nd, consider buying toilet paper and diapers and dropping them off at the Connection Corner when you walk in through the Main Entrance.

3. Volunteer. Willing hands are at the heart of what makes VEAP thrive. Visit their Volunteer page to learn more about how you can volunteer with our longtime partner.

4. Pray. For 45 years, VEAP has been on the frontline offering compassion through social services programs. Pray for VEAP, that they might have the wisdom and conviction to serve as needs emerge in our city.