International Missions Partners

July Monthly Mission Highlight

Doing good for Christ's sake isn't just our history, it's also our north star for the coming season. Join us this Summer as we refocus on our missions partners, highlighting their ministry, inviting you to be financially generous toward them as you're able, and offering tangible ways for you to serve alongside them.
Our July mission highlight will focus on our International partnerships, one of whom is Sam Owen, who has spent the last 50 years in Africa focused on building bridges and doing work in the name of Jesus. Sam and his wife, Lynn, went to Uganda in the early 1970’s, leaving behind the comforts of American living. They both were a part of Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as Cru, an interdenominational parachurch organization best known for outreach to college and university students. While there, Sam and Lynn established Life Ministry East Africa as an offshoot of Campus Crusade. In 1974, they left Uganda and moved to Kenya where Sam took on the responsibility of being the East Africa Regional Director.

Fast forward to 1986 – after the Owen’s finished their first stint in East Africa and had done eight years working with African diplomatic leaders in Washington, DC, and New York at the UN – the Owen’s found their way back to East Africa and specifically Kenya now working under the auspices of the International Foundation. Sam began quietly working with senior government officials and business leaders through establishing personal relationships and putting small groups of like-minded people together, leading eventually toward the establishment of the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast which began in 2003. That event continues today, is nationally televised all around the country, and has become a stable gathering of the country’s leadership. During that annual gathering there is the specific intention to celebrate Jesus, pray for the leaders, and set a platform for national reconciliation and healing.

Lynn, in the meantime, had established several women’s groups who would meet for fellowship and prayer. She was equally at home with spouses of leaders as well as the “mama mbogas” in underdeveloped neighborhood where she also initiated several self-help groups.

In June of 2019, while in the US, just after celebrating 50 years of marriage with their family, Lynn was diagnosed with a very aggressive pancreatic cancer which would take her life a year later.

Though Sam lost his life-long partner, he continues to be very involved with the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast in partnership with the National Parliament and is also the patron of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF). He sits on the boards of Kenya Habitat for Humanity and Africa 100 and is the chair of the Board of Management of the Akiba School in the village of Kangemi. Sam currently continues to reside in Nairobi, Kenya.

In the past, many of Colonial’s members have visited the Owens while traveling to Africa. We are grateful for our long-time partner and eager to highlight and support Sam and his work during July.

Want to support Sam Owen's ministry?

This month, we invite you to consider two ways to be generous toward Sam Owen's ministry:

1. Give financially. You can do so financially by visiting our Give page and selecting "AYLF" in the drop-down menu. Gifts will be directed to support the African Youth Leadership Forum in Kenya to honor the work of Sam and Lynn Owen.

2. Pray. Come alongside us in prayer for Sam Owen. Specifically, we pray for Sam and the work he does in the name of Jesus. We pray Sam feels the support of this church as he continues to honor the work he and Lynn started in Kenya. Also, we pray for their daughter Amy who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. May they feel God’s everlasting love as they live life and continue to make precious memories.