International Mission Partners

February Monthly Mission Highlight

Doing good for Christ's sake isn't just our history, it's also our north star for the coming season. Join us this Winter as we refocus on our missions partners, highlighting their ministry, inviting you to be financially generous toward them as you're able, and offering tangible ways for you to serve alongside them.
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One of our Februrary missions partners is Deb Snell and Eagles Wings Retreat Center in Kenya. Run by longtime missionary Deb Snell, Eagles Wings was built as a retreat and ministry center to serve and provide hospitality to local and international mission organizations, missionaries, and others living in Kenya.

It also serves as a site for mission and non-government organizations to get away from offices to hold planning sessions and retreats. Since launching, it has broadened its reach to the surrounding community through various mentorship and vocational programs.

Want to support Deb Snell financially?

This month, we also extend you the invitation to be generous financially toward Deb Snell and her ministries. You can do so by visiting the Eagles Wings website, or by visiting our Give page and selecting "Deb Snell" in the drop-down menu.
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Dave and Sherry Hall are another Mission Partner Highlight this month. The Halls are Common Ground Consultants with the mission of "Building Bridges of Trust to Bear the Weight of Truth." Dave and Sherry mentored young leaders in Africa for 18 years and now help facilitate spiritual friendships within Minneapolis' Christian and African-Muslim communities. This includes building connections through the National Prayer Breakfast and the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast, which helped to foster Colonial's Innove’ project, HOYO, which employs Somali mothers with living-wage jobs producing traditional frozen meat pies.

They also create dinner groups that study the kingdom of God and Jesus in the Bible and Qur'an. Through domestic and international conferences, they seek to help Christians better understand Muslims, and Muslims better understand Jesus. Finally, they do pre-marital, marriage, and post-trauma counseling for the communities they serve. To see a brief video introducing Dave and Sherry, join us for our virtual worship service on February 28th!

Want to support Dave and Sherry Hall financially?

This month, we also extend you the invitation to be generous financially toward Dave and Sherry Hall. You can do so by visiting our Give page and selecting “Common Ground - Dave and Sherry Hall" in the drop-down menu.
Loving our Muslim Neighbors

On Loving our Muslim Neighbors

March 3rd from 6:30 – 7:30pm via Zoom
Zoom ID: 281-691-6969

One of our February Mission Partner highlights, Dave and Sherry Hall mentored young leaders in African for 18 years through The Navigators. They returned to the US with their five children in 1987 to befriend international graduate students, and to host African leaders to the National and Minnesota Prayer Breakfasts.

Today the Halls are on a mission to build bridges with individuals and small groups of Muslims and other friends. Dinner discussions (and now COVID-free Zoom calls) enable them to dive into the life and teachings of Jesus — and the kingdom of God — in the Bible and in the Quran.

Join us on Wednesday, March 3rd alongside the Halls for a bird’s-eye-view of the common ground we share with our Muslim neighbors, and how to replace fear with friendship and curiosity with increased understanding.