What the Father Offers

What the Father Offers

I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord…Psalm 27:13

If you recognize the gift that you are forever loved, claim it, share it, and celebrate it, it multiplies. That’s what happens when you choose to live relationships of love: you receive love from parents, partners, and friends and you give love back. In sharing your love with others you suddenly discover there is more than you thought, and you only begin to know how much more there is when you give it away.

If you cling to your gift, hold onto it, or hide it, saying, “It’s my gift. I have it. It’s just for me,” then you find you have less and less. Love is not for hoarding! On the other hand, if you lift it up and share it, you discover what the gift truly is. The gift of love is a revelation about life that comes from God. You’ll see it suddenly multiplying around you. If you give it there’s always enough love, enough forgiveness, and enough mercy. There is a divine quality in the love the father in the parable offers to his sons.

God, channel your love through me, especially to those who have wounded me.

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