Really Listen to the Father

Really Listen to the Father

This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him! Mark 9:7

The question is how to go from an absurd life to an obedient life, from a deaf life to a listening life. If you are anxious and nervous and tense and upset, you don’t listen because your anxiety allows you no space to listen. You can’t receive the voice of God that assures us, “You are with me always, and all I have is yours.” Let us try to give time and space to that amazing voice, speaking in our hearts.

Listening is creating the space in which you can hear the voice that says, “You are my beloved son, you are my beloved daughter, you are special to me. All that is mine is yours.” The whole Gospel, the whole message of Jesus, is precisely that: “All that is mine is yours. All that I say is for you to hear, all that I know is for you to know, all that I do is for you to do.” Jesus is saying, “Nothing that the Father gave me do I hold back from you.” Really try to listen to that so as to gradually become like Jesus. That is the journey of our adult life.

Loving God, help me to hear you and to become free and loving like you.

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