Our Father Loves All

Our Father Loves All

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44

One of the core messages of the Gospel is, “Love your enemies.” When we’re dealing with our own needs, anxieties and fears, we tend to divide the world into enemies and friends. But God showers the rain over the bad as well as over the good. God doesn’t need to divide the world into those for God and those against God because God loves everyone uniquely and unconditionally. Our God wants us to do the same, but we can only do that if we believe in God’s unconditional love for us, and if we are not overly dependent on human affirmation or rejection. We will be able to love our enemies precisely when we no longer need to divide the world into friends and enemies anymore.

To love our enemies is the core message of the Gospel because it is a reflection of the way God loves us.


Loving God, fill my heart with the love I need for those sharing my life-journey with me.

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