No Fear of the Father

No Fear of the Father

But I trust in you, O Lord. Psalm 31:14

Perfect love is the love of a God who is not needy, who doesn’t cling to us, who leaves us free to love as we decide, and who gives love freely. This love of God for you will gradually—sometimes even suddenly—just dissipate your fears. Because the love of our Maker embraces all the loves you have ever known: of your father, your mother, your brothers and sisters, your teachers, your lovers, your friends. They’re all present with you before God. But God’s love for you is even more than that; it transcends everything you know or experience.

When you make space for God and begin to listen to God’s loving voice, you suddenly start to realize perfect love. As you claim God’s awesome embrace, you can gradually let go of your fear. Then the fear may come back and you will realize that the whole struggle of our lives is to return again and again, from fear to love. Every time you feel afraid again and you open yourself to hear God’s voice, you will be brought back to your true self and have greater freedom to love and be loved.

In you, O Lord, I trust. In you, I let go of my fears.

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