Lonely with God

Lonely with God

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me…Psalm 23:4

The more you come to know God, the lonelier you may become because your heart is too small to contain the love of God. You move into a “second loneliness,” a very painful time that often springs from the loss of an important relationship or dream. Only in that place of pain can you discover a much deeper sense of belonging that is more intimate than any belonging the world can offer. It comes from the depths of loneliness and moves us to true “communion” with God. What you may first experience as the highest level of separation may be revealed to you as the highest level of becoming one with the human family.

Mysteriously, it is within the experience of alienation where the greatest loneliness and the greatest solidarity with the human condition come together. When we experience our loneliness as a call to be deeply connected with the human race, we are growing to become more like the father in the parable, and more like the Father Divine.

When I feel most alone, save me. Teach me, God, to wait in solidarity with others who suffer. Remove my heart of stone and transplant your heart of love.

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