Just Return- Again

Just Return- Again

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. Psalm 51:2

Have a sense of compassion for your own journey, for your own leaving and returning; a sense of, “Yes, yes, I’m loved when I take a risk. I’m loved even when I make a mistake because, somehow, it’s an expression of my desire to claim myself. I did it in a wrong way, but I didn’t have any other way to do it at that moment.” Otherwise you start hurting yourself and putting yourself down and then the return becomes guilt-ridden and the One who awaits you becomes a dark God who says, ‘Heh, heh. I always knew you would need me again.”

That’s not what God is saying. God is not sitting there laughing that you couldn’t do it on your own and you finally had to confess you needed a parent’s love. That’s not the God we are talking about. Our Loving Creator is so much more caring. Our God awaits us with compassion and tenderness!

Draw me into your boundless embrace, O Loving Creator. Thank you for such overwhelming acceptance.


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