Hidden Wholeness

Hidden Wholeness

When Jesus had received the wine, he said, “It is finished.” John 19:30

Your life story is a beautiful and mysterious story and without any doubt your story reveals that you have been wounded along the way. You’ve been wounded because you received God’s first love through the brokenness of those who reflected that love to you—your father, your mother your brother, your sister. They are people who loved you to a greater or lesser degree, but who were limited because of the wounds of their own lives. Sometimes they loved you in ways that were painful for you. They wounded you—not because they wanted to, but because they are broken people.

Within each of us is a kind of deep breakage that is often called original sin. Our parents inherited it. So did you and I. We are each born to love but we cannot love unconditionally. This is wonderful and it is terrible. We grow because of it and we suffer because of if.

What is important is that we try to integrate this wondrous and incredible mystery: we have been touched with God’s first love though channels that were broken. Through our woundedness we are ushered into the true experience of that “first love.” “Blessed are the poor” begins to make sense in this context.

Inner pain pushes me to seek you, Divine, but I fear what might happen if I let go of my pain

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