Don’t Act in Anger

Don’t Act in Anger

You are my friends if you do what I command you. John 16:14

When you feel very upset and angry, your fears prompt you to lash out, to condemn, or to take revenge. Try not to let anger and fear govern you. Try to wait before reacting. Speak quietly within and say, “Don’t act. This is not a time to make decisions. Just wait.” Taking revenge makes you vengeful. Lashing out pulls you away from your true identity. You know you may regret your “felt” reaction, so give yourself time to remember who you are, to get things into perspective, to remember that the person who upset you is a beloved child. Return to your own belovedness.

Learn to wait and to listen from the communion that you experience with God. Learn to become like the God who loves you with all your darkness and all your radiant beauty. Stop and go within to allow the Spirit, the Breath of God, to transform your dark thoughts and feelings. We are only children and we need help to act and react as a true child of light.

Catch me, O Breath of God, when fear dictates unloving responses. Teach me love beyond my pain.

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