Discover the Lost Brother

Discover the Lost Brother

God is our refuge and our strength…Psalm 46:1

Rediscover your enemy as your brother or sister. Rediscover that the lost brother or sister you dislike and reject is really your brother or sister within our precious human family. God invites us to discover ways to be less self-righteous, to sit at the same table together, to see each other with welcoming and accepting eyes.

Stay close to the weak. I say this because this is the way of God. How did God finally reveal true love for us? By sending his beloved Son to be with us where we are poor. “I have come for the lost sheep.” God chose the descending way to reveal to us how deeply we are loved, and how we have much love to offer each other. It is such a wonderful sign for us that Jesus chose the “downwardly mobile” way to be one with us at the same table. This is God’s way, lived in the flesh by Jesus, and given for our consolation and example. “I’m sent into the world by the Father to bring Good News to the poor.” How very beautiful, very mysterious, and very true!

Lord, help me through the painful places in my heart to receive your love and to offer my love.

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