Be a Child of the Father

Be a Child of the Father

Return, O Israel, to the Lord, your God…Hosea 14:1

The world seduces us to claim false identities. The world says, ”You are what other people say you are. You are what you accomplish. You are what you own.” So, if we don’t do well in the eyes of the world, if we don’t have admirers, money, and success, it’s as if we don’t exist. This is the illusion that powers our world, and this illusion creates movies, and a lot of art, and a lot of manipulation. It also divides the world into rich and poor. Jesus speaks often about it to his disciples.

You and I are part of this world and we also are seduced to believe the illusion: we are what we do, we are what we have, we are what we control. The great conversion is to return from a dissipated life to a contained life. The contained life is the life from which we learn the courage to say, “I don’t have to ask permission from the world to live. I am not what other people say I am. I am not what I produce. I am not what I own. What I truly am is the chosen, beloved child of Divine God.” And it is from this conviction that we make our return.

Breathe your divine breath in me, O Giver of Life, and teach me to be true to my primal identity.

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