Aware if “Lostness”

Aware if “Lostness”

When the chief priests and Pharisees heard his parables, they realized that he was speaking about them. Matthew 21:45

When we are resentful we are lost in a very significant way. The younger son gets lost in a far more spectacular way than his elder brother–giving into his lust and his greed, using women, gambling, and losing his money. His wrongdoing is very clear-cut. He knows it and everybody else does too. Because of that, he’s able to come back and be forgiven.

The problem with resentment is that it is not so clear-cut. It’s not spectacular and it is not overt, and it can be concealed by the appearance of a holy life. Resentment is so pernicious because it sits very deep within us: in our hearts, in our flesh, in our bones. Often, we aren’t even aware that it is there. We may think we’re so good, when in fact we’re lost in a very profound way.

Loving God, point the way for me to move in my life from resentment to gratitude.

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