Acting Like the Father

Acting Like the Father

Those who love me will be loved by my Father…John 14:21

God’s Spirit within us prompts us to love and respect each other, and to speak with divine respect. When connected intimately with God, we find ourselves speaking words of forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, joy and peace. We may also find that we are not always understood or appreciated and that causes us to suffer. We may even be persecuted. But the pain we feel will be very different from the suffering we experience from being lost.

If we try to announce God into the world, the world may misunderstand, laugh, say we’re silly, and marginalize us. Some people feel threatened by the pure words of God. That’s what sent Jesus on the road to the cross, and that’s why the disciples finally were martyrs. That’s why all the great saints suffered. But when we become women and men of love and peace, we also witness healing, hope, new life, and even joy, so that this type of suffering is an easy burden to carry. What makes it an easy yoke is knowing your true identity and having, in your heart, communion with love.

God, please grant me recognition of a sister and brother, and your heart to love each one.

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