A Safe Home

A Safe Home

For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture. Psalm 95:7

All that I want to do with the whole story of the prodigal son is to give you an image of safety and of return to the place where it is always safe. Probably the most beautiful word for that is “womb,” the womb of God. What could be safer than that?

Some of us did not feel safe even in the womb, perhaps because our mothers may have suffered anxiety or fear. There’s no human being who hasn’t experienced from an early age the fears of those around him or her. Fear and insecurity have touched our lives. But the spiritual life is to discover that there is safety for us. The womb of God is our safe and sacred dwelling place. This is where we can return again and again. This is where we can let our body, mind and heart rest without fear. We can be strong, take risks, do new things, when we know we can always return to the womb of the one who calls us “son” and “daughter.”

O Womb of God, embrace me in your safety and send me forth to love my family.

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