March 4th. An Encouragement to Love.

March 4th. An Encouragement to Love.


Proverbs 19:21

Many plans are in one’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord will stand. 

REFLECTION by Emma Bailey, Colonial High School Student

Sixteen years ago, God granted me a life on this earth. Through the most recent period of my upbringing, I have begun to wonder how our world has morphed since my birth. Have we always been so polarized, so divided? Where does all of this hate come from? Where do I stand in relation to my community?

I have come to the resolution that I was born into a period of turmoil, but not without reason. God carefully cultivates every individual on this Earth as an addition of love for God’s Kingdom. When Jesus sacrificed himself, he gave each being an immense capability to love and spread benevolence throughout.

I find solace in the comfort of God’s Kingdom. Earth is not my home, it is my place of residence. My home lies within my love for God. But we reside here to do the work that God has instilled within our hearts, to spread goodness throughout and draw positivity and unification out of adversity.

So I encourage you all to love. To hope and speak out and regard your beliefs with love for all. To understand that those opposite you are to do the same. Stand tall in the face of adversity and radiate the power of passion that the Lord has instilled within each of us, God’s children.

I have already been given sixteen years to spread God’s virtue, and each addition is a blessing from God that I fully intend to take advantage of. Let us not worry, as the Lord is our true ruler.

PRAYER. God, let us love. Let us show kindness and benevolence to all, ignoring any and all confines that set us apart. God, grant us reassurance in Your arms. Grant us the power to believe in Your tenacious love to heal the wounds surfacing here on Earth. Amen.

TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE as you close or listen to this song recommended by Emma: Matt Maher “Hold Us Together”.

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