March 14th. Turning Point #3

March 14th. Turning Point #3

This week, in follow-up to Sunday’s Sermon and 2nd hour activity/discussion, our Lenten devotionals feature stories of “Turning Points”–moments where one’s journey moved in a new direction. 


Proverbs 8:1-5

Can’t you hear the voice of Wisdom?
    From the top of the mountains of influence
    she speaks into the gateways of the glorious city.
    2 At the place where pathways merge,
    at the entrance of every portal,
    3 there she stands, ready to impart understanding,
    shouting aloud to all who enter,
    preaching her sermon to those who will listen.
“I’m calling to you, sons of Adam,
    yes, and to you daughters as well.
Listen to me and you will be prudent and wise.
    For even the foolish and feeble can receive an understanding heart
    that will change their inner being.


“The Map You Make Yourself” by Jan Richardson

You have looked
at so many doors
with longing,
wondering if your life
lay on the other side.

For today,
choose the door
that opens
to the inside.

Travel the most ancient way
of all:
the path that leads you
to the center
of your life.

No map
but the one
you make yourself.

No provision
but what you already carry
and the grace that comes
to those who walk
the pilgrim’s way.

Speak this blessing
as you set out
and watch how
your rhythm slows,
the cadence of the road
drawing you into the pace
that is your own.

Eat when hungry.
Rest when tired.
Listen to your dreaming.
Welcome detours
as doors deeper in.

Pray for protection.
Ask for the guidance you need.
Offer gladness
for the gifts that come
and then
let them go.

Do not expect
to return
by the same road.
Home is always
by another way
and you will know it
not by the light
that waits for you

but by the star
that blazes inside you
telling you
where you are
is holy
and you are welcome

REFLECTION. What is a moment where God showed up in your life and the direction you were headed changed? Pause to reflect upon this. Then pause to thank God for the pathways that bring you home- to the place of the holy where you are always welcome.


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