February 23rd. God As Potter.

February 23rd. God As Potter.

Throughout the Lenten Journey, one the daily devotionals per week comes from the ReForming Spiritual Reflections. You can find more and download your copy on our website.



Begin by finding a quiet place where you can settle in a way that fosters deep peace and relaxation. Allow time for your mind to empty, your breathing to calm, and your spirit to open.


Isaiah 64:8

We’re the clay and you’re our potter.

REFLECTION From ReForming Spiritual Reflections

When you are ready, start by envisioning a fresh, cool, moist piece of clay in the palm of your hand. Notice its color, shape, size, and how it feels as you hold it. Imagine that this clay represents you and all those who comprise the Colonial community as we move through the ReForming process. Imagine that your hands are actually the hands of God.

Next, in your mind’s eye, begin to knead the clay and feel it warm and soften in your hands. Take time to shape the clay in whatever way seems best to you; you may choose to roll and lengthen it, then to flatten it, next to mold it into a shape or recognizable object. Continue to work and rework the clay in your hands for as long as you’d like. As you do this, notice the imprint of your fingers all over the clay. Pause to consider how you and our entire community are the clay. How can we best situate ourselves in God’s loving hands and best cooperate with this process of being shaped and reshaped as God seeks to bring us to our fullest expression? What can we learn from the clay that could be applied to our part in the ReForming process? What might help and hinder our process of becoming?

Now imagine that you have finally decided on exactly what you want to create, and you engage that process with great intention, passion and precision. With each passing moment, your creation becomes more refined, real, and beautiful. you delight both in the process of creation and in your slowly emerging creation. As you complete your work, you feel a deep sense of joy and anticipation. For a few moments, reflect on our ReForming process from God’s perspective? What might his greatest hopes be for us, both individually and as a community, as we move through this ReForming experience and discover God’s call for us? What kinds of sacred imprints might God most hope to leave on us, might God most want us known for? What image or symbol best captures who we are called to be, how we are called to look as we move forth from our reforming?

As you are led, slowly bring your time of prayer to a close by giving thanks to God for what has been revealed. you may also choose to journal about what you discovered, draw what you envisioned, or even get your own piece of clay to work with over the next several weeks! Consider taking your sense of what it means for you to be clay in the potter’s hands into all your involvements with and conversations about Reforming at Colonial.

PRAYER. God, you have made us in your image, as the potter works with clay. And yet, you call us, your simple pots, to be co-creators with you, partnering with you for the bringing of your kingdom. We are awed by this privilege, and humbled by your trust. Help us, personally and collectively, to walk in your ways, all the days of our lives. AMEN.


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