Join a Committee

Come get involved and join a committee! See below for the following openings, which vary in their time commitments:

Nominating Committee:

Description: This committee works with other committee chairs to create the slate (list) of nominees for the congregation to vote on at the annual meeting. Work begins at the first of the year and the slate is due in mid-March. There are few committee meetings and work entails emails and phone calls between January and March.

Time commitment: Estimate 8 hours per year.

Human Resources Committee:


  • To monitor the performance review process for Church Staff to ensure all are completed.
  • Propose adoption or revision of personnel policies if needed.
  • Advise Church Leadership and make recommendations to the Church Council on new staff positions and associated job descriptions.
  • Recommend establishing a search committee to the Church Council when a staff opening warrants it.

Time commitment: This committee has regular meetings and requires an average of 2 hours per month. When needed, the committee may meet longer or more frequently than usual to respond to Church Staff needs.

Interested? Contact Susan Lussky at 952-201-3239 or to get plugged in!