God's generosity frees us to be generous toward each other.

We like to think of generosity as a posture toward life. As we experience God's generosity toward us, we respond with a life of stewardship, taking care to use our resources to cultivate a generous life in the way of Jesus.

We're making generosity simpler. 

As you consider making a one-time or recurring financial gift to Colonial, we'd like you to know that we're switching our giving mediums to PushPay to make giving simpler and more accessible.

For those of you who call this community home, you know your generosity and financial partnership make it possible for us to Welcome, Risk, Wrestle, Immerse, and Do Good for Christ's sake. We're asking you to consider a recurring electronic gift through PushPay. Choosing to switch to electronic giving through this safe, secure, and confidential portal goes a long way in reducing expenses and staff time devoted to our finances.

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