Give Online or Use Our New App

To use our smartphone giving app, text a numerical amount (50 for fifty dollars, 200 for 200 dollars, etc.) to 952-479-5800. This number is dedicated to Colonial Church. The first time you text you will be prompted for your name and debit/credit card. Subsequent giving will only require a numerical amount. You will receive an email receipt. To donate online, please scroll down to the donation form.

Your Church is a Community, not a Charity

Being a member of church is different from being a donor to a charity. You are each part of the body of Christ. That’s what member means, part of a family of God. Together as a community we depend upon each other for our life together. Our giving is the primary source of support for the operation, programming and mission of Colonial Church. Our faithful giving underwrites the cost of worship, education and discipleship, children's and youth ministries, pastoral care, local and international mission, staff salaries, printing, mailings, building maintenance and supplies, utilities and so much more. Colonial isn't Colonial without each of us doing our part.

Why Give?

Since humans first loved the Lord, we’ve expressed our devotion through sacrifice, with gifts and offerings of tribute. Inasmuch as our treasure reveals our heart (Matthew 6:21) giving has always been an expression of worship. Giving as worship displays our belief in the worthiness of God to receive our praise and own costly sacrifice due to his sacrificial love for us. Offering is an integral part of our worship services, signaling our intention to place all that we have under the Lordship of Christ. We pass offering bags and then bring them to the front, placing them symbolically before the Lord with prayers of thanksgiving.

As Jesus parables insist over and over, giving is good stewardship and not an option for followers of Christ. We give out of obedience and devotion, and with joy because giving helps other and frees us from the spiritual dangers of greed and consumption. All that we have is gift from God. Our own giving shows our gratitude as well as our response to God's invitation to participate in his work in the world. If you’re trying to figure out how much to give, the Bible constantly suggests 10% as the appropriate tithe—but what matters more is how you give. God loves a cheerful giver.

Lastly, giving to church is not the same as donating to charity. Churches are not charities and church members are to donors. We are each part of the body of Christ, that’s what member means, being part of a family of God. We give as community. Our life of processing faith together depends on the generosity of each. We give and receive, we participate and contribute with money and with time and with prayer and with love.

Why Give Electronically?

Online giving is easy, secure, convenient, and benefits both you and Colonial. Take a quick moment to set up an online payment using the website and you won't need to remember if you gave this month or sent in your offering if you are out of town. You won't be distracted by writing your contribution check during the service. And online contributions require less processing time from our administrative staff.

Is it Safe To Make Online Contributions?

Absolutely! In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check, because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen. Colonial uses payment methods that are among the safest on the internet. The security of the system is continually managed by our merchant providers.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Email The Accounting Department


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