The Gathered Community

SERVICE -- The Gathered Community

What happens when we reclaim our identity?

Our year's theme — Be the Church — calls us to reclaim our identity as God's people.
But too often, it's easy to lose sight, not just of our broader calling to Be the Church, but of God's invitation to us as a Congregational Church, causing us to miss out on the stories God wants to co-create in our midst.

So join us as we reclaim our story, exploring seven signs that anchor our Congregational heritage as we move toward the next chapter God is writing among us.

January 3rd: Gathered by Christ
January 10th: Gathered in the Spirit
January 17th: Gathered at the Table
January 24th: Gathered to Commitment
January 31st: Gathered for Freedom
February 7th: Gathered around the Word
February 14th: Gathered for the Neighborhood


Community Emergency Services

January Mission Partner Highlight

Our January mission partner highlight is Community Emergency Services (CES). They have been a mission partner across 35 years, involving broad and deep engagement from our congregation throughout. They specialize in relief services rooted in empowerment, seeking not just to provide food and other basic needs, but to surround individuals and families with the advocacy and resources to flourish in every dimension of their life.

Throughout January, we have the opportunity to tangibly and practically support their ministry by collecting food staples and household supplies and dropping them off by the Connection Corner area to the right when you walk in. The deadline to drop off items is January 31st. For more on our January Mission Partner highlight, visit our Mission page.
WEBPAGE -- -- Faith and Food

Faith + Food

3-Week Series of Saturday Morning Gatherings around the Virtual Table from 9:00 - 10:30am
Zoom ID: 541-870-2251

CES - our January Mission Partner highlight specializing in direct relief with food and holistic advocacy  - has us thinking about life at the intersection of faith and food.

So throughout January, we've invited three foodies to lead their own cooking show. On these Saturday mornings, they will lead you through how they make one of their favorite recipes while sharing reflections they have about the connections between spirituality and the food we eat every day.

We'll share the recipes below once we have them, and you can either make them in real-time or sit with your coffee and watch them create.

January 16th: Daniel Harrell
January 23rd: Jeff Riley (Chef Jeff)
January 30th: Leah Appleton

Special Church Meeting

Sunday, January 10th from 11:00am – 12:30pm via Zoom
Zoom ID: 541-870-2251

The time is coming for members to cast their vote with regard to changing our name from Colonial Church. At our Special Church Meeting on January 10th, we will finalize our discussion and ask members to cast their vote electronically or via Paper Ballot to affirm or reject Council’s recommendation to change our name from The Colonial Church of Edina.

Members – we encourage you to wait to cast your vote until after the discernment process concludes at the Special Church Meeting, but all voting is now open until voting closes on January 15th. We will announce the results of the votes once all ballots have been counted.

See the letter from the Moderators regarding voting by clicking here.

Learn more about casting your vote electronically by clicking here.