Discovery Presentation

On Sunday, January 14, Todd Hahn from TAG Consulting came to Colonial for the Discovery Presentation.  He  shared with us the results of the survey, focus groups and other elements of the Discovery process.  Below you will find the documents that were a part of the Discovery Presentation.  If you need a paper copy printed for you, contact the church office and they can assist you.

Documents from the Discovery Presentation

Recording of Discovery Presentation

Presenter Slides that go along with the Recording

TAG Discovery Report

Spiritual Practice

Nothing is more important to ReForming than prayer. Nothing. For our church, for the Visioning Team and for ourselves. As we seek for ReForm individually and as a community of faith, we are offering you a series of spiritual reflections. You can use all 13 reflections in any order, or pick and choose those that speak to you. You can use them with a group or in your personal time with God. Our deepest desire is that they would help to direct our hearts and minds to the Creator and Redeemer of us all.

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