COVID-19 Update

We're grateful to re-engage in person while keeping our neighbor's good at the center.

Here's the summary of our updated COVID-19 guidelines:

  •  We are asking that all who enter our building wear a mask, irrespective of vaccination status.
  • We are asking that you practice social distancing of 6 feet or more while inside the building.
  • Masks are required in all parts of the building past the Great Hall when children are present.
  • Effective beginning November 21st, we will be removing food and beverages from all gatherings with the exception of Wednesday Night Dinner. We will space out tables on Wednesday nights to a maximum of 5 people and ask people to wear masks while not eating so we can practice hospitality while balancing safety and giving people the ability to opt-in or out depending on their comfort.

Through it all, we are committed to keeping our guidelines in step with emerging trends and will update them accordingly.

Got questions? We've got a few answers. 

COVID-19 Gathering FAQs

Will you still do virtual worship services?
Absolutely. We know everybody's in a different place with the current COVID-19 landscape, so throughout the summer we will continue to live-stream the Traditional worship service at 9:30am on our YouTube channel.
I'm an external group. Can I book Colonial's space now?
Yes, though we're taking it slow here. To find out more, contact Julie Dover to learn more about our protocols and to reserve space inside or outside the building.
When will things get back to "normal"?
That's the question everybody's asking, and we're no different. We're committed to ongoing conversations with lay leadership, and we're always seeking the good of our neighbor, no matter how imperfect that looks sometimes. But rest assured: we're watching the vaccine rollout and COVID landscape closely, and we'll be ready to update again when the moment calls for it.