Christmas 2020

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Yes, even this year, the Light still comes.

It has been a year, which is to say it has been a hard year. A pandemic. The killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd laying bare open wounds of racial trauma. The most contentious election cycle in our nation's history. And, of course, every suffering - large or seemingly small - that emerges from everything the year has contained.

So we arrive to the doorstep of Advent - stressed, tired, and grieving - wondering if the Light of God still comes in years like these.

It does.

Join us as we journey toward the Light of Christmas this year - yes, even this year. The Christ-story is true in the midst of our hopes and fears, not despite them.

Let's wait together for the Light of God that still comes into the world, yielding hope in the backdrop of despair, peace in a world of division, love in a time of loneliness, and the presence of God in a year where it's been harder to spot.

Daily Advent Devotional

If Christmas is the answer, then Advent is the question. During Advent, we long for the light of God to come, yet we wait in darkness. And as we wait together - anxiously, expectantly, holding both our questions and Scripture reverently - God forms and restores us anew. Follow and wait alongside others this Advent by subscribing below to our daily devotional. Each morning, you'll receive Scripture and a short reflection written by somebody in our congregation.

Lessons & Carols

An Annual Christmas Tradition, December 20th at 9:30am via YouTube or Facebook

Every year in December, we place ourselves in the Christmas story through a Lessons & Carols service. Join us on Sunday, December 20th at 9:30am for a warm service alternating between historic Christmas music and simple reflections on Christmas scenes, setting the table for the drama of Christmas in the week ahead.

Christmas Eve

Virtual Experience on December 24th at 7:00pm via YouTube or Facebook

Amid a year of real fear and deferred hopes, the Light still comes and meets us. Join us at 7:00pm as we rest in the magic of the Christmas story. Not available at 7:00pm on Christmas Eve? Visit our YouTube Channel and watch it anytime afterward.