Be the Church

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What does it mean to be the people of God right now?

Be the Church.

When Jesus leaves his followers and sends the Spirit, he calls them to witness to God's kingdom, to become a Good News people.

Together, this fledgling group of ordinary people prayed and sought to discern how to move forward. And when Pentecost arrives, they're carried by the wind of God's Spirit to proclaim God's coming kingdom and live out the good news that Jesus had taught them.

What about us, right now?
We want to be another chapter in the story of God's people, to be a people transformed by the Spirit of God, who live in response to Jesus' call on our lives and our community.

That is why we want to Be the Church.

We don't want to just love God. We want to love our neighbors, too.

We don't want to just grow in Christ. We want to serve the world around us, too.

We don't want to just encounter Jesus and then remain hidden in the safety of our homes. Like Jesus' early followers, we want to move outward into the world, following the living, breathing Spirit... to Be the Church.

Join us this Fall as we seek to uncover new ways of being the Church together.