We will not stay the same.

George Floyd's killing is a fork in the road, and we're choosing the slow, hard, and worthwhile path of becoming a congregation that's anti-racist.

As Jesus-followers, we are in process. We're not going to feel comfortable all the time, and we're going to trip over our feet. But we're ready to show up with our hearts, minds, and bodies for the road ahead, and we invite you to come alongside us on the journey.

Listening begins now.

In view of Juneteenth this month, we are beginning our work as a congregation, educating ourselves on the history of racism in our state and nation and starting the conversation on what it means to be anti-racist.

We're beginning with a 3-week series of films.
Here's what we're inviting you into:

1. Each week, watch the film.

2. Work through the discussion guides. Answer the questions with both your mind and your heart. What emotions come up as you watch? Do you feel defensive? Angry? Anxious? Indifferent?

3. Each Friday for the next 3 weeks, listen to a companion podcast featuring Sara Wilhelm Garbers and Christian Winn. You can get the podcast by subscribing to our E-News here.

Week of 6/15: 13th
Week of 6/22: Selma
Week of 6/29: Just Mercy
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