Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

April 25th beginning at 11:00am | In-Person and via Zoom

Zoom ID: 541-870-2251

We're looking forward to being together for our 2021 Annual Meeting, where we will look back at the previous year, vote on a number of items and nominations, and look forward to the year ahead.

In view of the coming meeting, we want to note the following information:

(1) With our current moment in the COVID-19 landscape, we are offering a hybrid format, aiming to allow both in-person and virtual attendees to participate both fully and safely in all items of the meeting. For those seeking to attend in-person, please RSVP beforehand so we can prepare accordingly. 

(2) Our Annual Report, packed with information and stories from the year, is ready for you. Take a look as you prepare your heart and mind for the meeting.

(3) As part of our review of the previous year - and because we want to discern what's next rooted in all that's happened this past year - we'd like to share the results from the Name Change questionnaire. Because of the breadth of information shared by members, we have attached a one-pager summarizing the rationale behind Yes/No votes as well as a separate attachment that shares the entirety of the feedback presented.