Annual Meeting

You can't cancel Congregationalism. 

On April 26, 2020 we held our 75th Colonial Church Annual Meeting. Because we couldn't meet in person, we worked hard to create a different format, allowing for member questions, comments, and votes.   

The meeting was preceded by a series of online presentations from Moderator Pat Peterson; Senior Minister Jeff Lindsay; Treasurer Jason Phillips Colonial Foundation President, Ben Stone; and Chair of The Blessing Initiative, Lance Steinke. A paper ballot was sent to all members to enable voting,  A total of 427 ballots were received with overwhelming support for the following: 
1.  Approval to vote via paper ballot instead of voice vote or show of hands; 
2. Approval of the 2020-2021 church budget;
3. Approval of the request from The Blessing Initiative to release $200,000 to support front line ministries serving people affected by food and housing insecurity (Sheridan Story $100,000; VEAP $50,000; Community Emergency Services $25,000, Families Moving Forward, $25,000) and
4. Approval of the nominations for Council, Deacons, Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs and Colonial Church Foundation.
See below for resources connected to Colonial's 75th Annual Meeting.