Elizabeth—(Mary Scott)

Elizabeth—(Mary Scott)

November 29th, 2021 — Elizabeth

Reflection (Mary Scott):

“Elizabeth, old age ain’t for sissies!” My mother made that lament so many times, it got to be an inside joke, always good for a giggle. Now I find myself well into old age and can personally attest to the fact that my mother’s words were true. And the saddest fact of all: I have had to give up all hope of having a child – or so I thought.

How I came to be pregnant is a long and miraculous story. I don’t have time to tell you all of it, but it involved a message from the angel Gabriel to my husband Zechariah. Yes, really!

And here’s the best part so far: Six months into my pregnancy, my cousin Mary came for a visit. As soon as I heard her voice, my baby gave me quite a kick, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I realized that the mother of my Lord was at my front door, and I shared my joy with Mary, and she shared her song of praise to God with me.

Now Mary has gone home, and I will soon give birth to my son John. I will be a proud mother to a boy, who, according to the angel Gabriel, will become a great man. John will have the privilege of preparing the people for the coming of the Lord.

The life of a prophet is not an easy one. I expect there will be times when my mother’s heart will break as I watch John fulfill his mission. After all, motherhood ain’t for sissies.


Do you have a story of an unfulfilled longing – or a story of a long-held dream finally coming true?


Loving Lord, you know our longings and the things that break our hearts, and you know the joy and blessings we have been given over the years. Help us to remember that you are with us in all of it, holding us close in times of trouble and jumping for joy with us when we rejoice. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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